We are thinking of everyone impacted by the pandemic

How we got started:

The Sisterhood LA was formed long before the official establishment in May of 2015.  

Founder Anna Edgley (née Danilowicz) had spent years working a corporate career, longing to touch the lives of those truly in need. Anna teamed up with colleague Melisa Yatman and sister Sophia Danilowicz spending nearly every day after work volunteering together. One of their favorite tasks was making and distributing burritos to those living on Skid Row. Soon enough, more women began to join the ladies and a volunteering club was born. 

Throughout their volunteer work, women and children were recognized as the population needing the most support. Anna, Sophia and Melisa teamed up to officially establish The Sisterhood LA as a 501c3 public charity in May of 2015! Since then, they have touched the lives of countless women + children by providing resources, social engagement, and improving overall well-being. 

We invite you to get involved by signing up for membership and volunteering with us. Read below about what makes us different from other local women's groups.

Anna Edgley, Melisa Yatman, Sophia Danilowicz, Phillisha Holloway and fellow members.

Anna Edgley, Melisa Yatman, Sophia Danilowicz, Phillisha Holloway and fellow members. 

What makes us different:


Membership Dues

Our organization was founded on the premise of inclusivity. Compared to local women's organizations, we rank as one of the lowest for membership dues. We believe by keeping our dues low, our organization is accessible to all women. 

Timing of Events

Our events are scheduled around a typical working 9am to 5pm schedule. Most of our events are on weekends or evenings and typically 2-4 hours.

Hands on Volunteering

Although our group is social by nature, our events all have the purpose of serving the greater good and improving our community. Our events are typically very hands on. 


New to the city? Looking for other likeminded women? We understand socially navigating a big city like LA can be difficult. The Sisterhood LA is made up of women who are all passionate about our mission to help women and children. 

Note: The Sisterhood LA is a 501c3 public charity. Our events do not support any political nor religious orientation.